Maintenance of solar panels

Solar power systems require the minimum of maintenance, as it does not consist of any moving parts hence wear and tear which are the common problems that we have to endure with other types of machinery, is totally absent in them.

Maintenance would be limited to having the solar panels which are mandatorily placed outdoors in direct sight of the Sun to enable them to have the maximum sunlight possible, to be free from any encumbrances like branches of trees, other contraptions mounted close by or anything that would prevent optimum sunlight from falling on them.

The use of solar power systems for domestic use is gradually increasing with many householders beginning to realize the advantages that would accrue in the long term, though the initial investment could be somewhat on the high side.

The potential market for solar power systems is unquantifiable as every human being, anywhere in the world who could see the Sun could use a solar power system to harness solar power for their energy needs.

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